Food Justice and Democracy: An Afro-Futuristic Perspective

Málþing um jafnan aðgang að hollum og nærringarríkum mat. Málþingið fer fram á ensku. Fundarstjóri er Guðrún Sóley Gestsdóttir

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What is food justice and why is it significant to democracy? During Fundur fólksins, the Icelandic democracy festival, Njathi Kabui, also known as Chef Kabui, will give a lecture on the subject.

Njathi Kabui is an eclectic Chef with a passion for Food Justice, a leading expert in Food Literacy, a Medical Anthropologist, and an Organic farmer. He is actively involved in promoting Food Literacy as a public speaker, blogger, author and social commentator. Chef Kabui considers himself as an organic chef, who has intentionally designed his own disruptive cuisine. He calls this cuisine, “Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine” which promotes a mix of indigenous and healthy foods for the sake of sovereignty, health, and food justice. Chef Kabui makes a case that the best of African food is in the future.

The seminar will be moderated by Guðrún Sóley Gestsdóttir, cultural journalist, author and food enthusiast.

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